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TOTOTÈ.STUDIO is a Dutch bag brand established by Laurèl Bodenhorst Meyer in 2020 which designs according to the three pillars: upcycled, ethical and local design.

The brand its core value is to integrate sustainability and social responsibility throughout the entire chain, putting people and the planet first.


Tototè.Studio bags are produced with in- and dead-stock leather derived from Italian and Portuguese bag and accessory warehouses and are additionally all lined with high quality vintage scarves, in order to minimize the need for producing new materials or fabrics and maximize the use of everything that is already at our planet’s disposal.


Tototè.Studio bags are manufactured in the Netherlands by newcomers in partnership with Makers Unite. Makers Unite and Tototè.Studio work together with a big social mission and share the ambition to achieve an equal, sustainable, and inclusive creative industry where newcomers can contribute with their talents.


Tototè.Studio bags are produced locally in The Netherlands. By producing locally the brand is able to minimize transport emissions , control waste caused during production and additionally guarantee a safe work environment through our partners which also secure wages based on the statutory Dutch collective labor agreement.

totote studio brand page
totote brandpage


Tototè.Studio produces with mainly upcycled or recycled materials in order to minimize the need for producing new materials or fabrics and maximize the use of all already at our disposal.

100% Upcycled leather: 40%
100% Upcycled linings: 30%
LE420 Vlieseline 45% Recycled Polyester Fibers: 20%
Serafil Yarns 50% WRe, PFC-free: 5%
FLEXINERA® Logo 50% Recycled rPET: 3%
Other: 1%

Tototè.Studio is continuously researching new sustainable innovations and adapts to those aligned with the brand its SDG’s.


Yearly 35.000 tonnes of leather waste is produced by the European Fashion Industry only.

Yearly 53.000 tonnes of garments are produced, where of over 70% ends up on landfills or on bonfires, only 10% gets recycled and less than 1% gets upcycled.


All bags are manufactured in partnership with Makers Unite and Dutch newcomers originating from over 21 countries worldwide, from Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran and many more.

Makers Unite supports the creative talent of newcomers by providing them with training programs to develop soft and hard skills, to work independently in the Netherlands.

Tototè.Studio is grateful to work with Makers Unite and the newcomers which translate their craftsmanship, passion and creativity into all Tototè.Studio its bag collections.


Please note that Dutch newcomers wages are equal to the wages of originally Dutch citizen. This in order to shift the narrative about migration globally and work together as a means of empowerment.

totote brandpage
totote brandpage


Tototè.Studio is producing locally with the aim to reduce its environmental impact and make social impact. Small-scale local production helps to eliminate the waste of unneeded products made to adhere to overseas minimums, reduce emissions caused by transportation (whether cargo plane or ships) and energy usage. This method also helps to remove the obligation to hold a lot of inventory in warehouses and guarantees both a safe working environment and fair wages as a result of a still existing industry of underpaid employment and child labour.


Paper packaging, from delivery boxes to delivery notes, thank you notes and the paper used internally is certified by FSC International (Responsible Management of the World’s Forest).

Plastic packaging, which we minimize and eliminate where possible, consists a minimum of 30% bio sourced material according to standard ASTM D6866 / ISO 16620-2, which can be used for composting in domestic composting according to standard NF T 51-800 and can be sorted in a separate collection of biowaste not to be disposed in nature.