We are here for the people and the planet.
We are here to help you wearing your way to a better world.
Totote Studio brand
since the beginning

Tototè.Studio bags are made of deadstock leather and fabrics and are manufactured by talented newcomers, locally in the Netherlands.

Sustainable, ethical, local

Tototè.Studio is a bag brand founded by the Dutch bag designer Laurèl Bodenhorst Meyer. The brand got established in 2020 in respons to a gap of high-end designed as responsibly produced bags. The brand’s core value is to design via sustainable and ethical practices, putting people and planet first. To achieve this, Tototè.Studio’s designs are produced with deadstock leather and fabrics, manufactured by newcomers, locally in The Netherlands.

Our impact, is your impact

By purchasing a Tototè.Studio bag we make impact together. You will own a design made of materials already at our planet’s disposal, support newcomers’ talent to help them further develop their soft and hard skills to work independently in The Netherlands, as well support local manufacturing which secures a safe and happy work environment and a minimizes the carbon footprint by eliminating unneeded transportation.


To underline the potential of discarded materials and to encourage upcycling, the brand will soon offer customers customization, by giving the option to line a Tototè.Studio bag with a valued scarf or fabric they own. In 2022 we will launch this option which will be applicable at a selection of Tototè.Studio bags. Please subscribe to the newsletter if you want to stay informed.

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Leather and garments

Yearly 35.000 tonnes of leather waste is produced by the European Luxury Industry.

Yearly 53.000 tonnes of garments are produced, where of over 70% ends up on landfills or on bonfires, only 10% gets recycled and less than 1% gets upcycled.


40 million people work in the garment industry today, with still to today’s date:

– non-existing or non-complied workers rights

– low environmental and safety standards

– long hours and minimal pay


Newcomers are motivated to work in the Netherlands, but this is often hindered by:

– not enough support and language barriers
– diploma’s that do not match the labor market
– long integration trajects


With a refined eye for contracting colors and materials, abstract shapes and an uncompromising determination to make the fashion industry a better place, Laurèl Bodenhorst Meyer – founder, owner and designer of Tototè.Studio, shows an uniquely-distinctive aesthetic.

Laurèl has a background in fashion, studying at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute as well at the Italian Fashion University Polimoda, where she graduated with a Masters in Fashion. Laurèl has a clear vision of how she wants to translate the value she gives to our life together on this planet. Her aspiration to redirect bad, into better, into good, got translated into the voice of Tototè.Studio.


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